School Notices (12)

Wearing winter uniform

Wearing winter uniform

All students are required to wear the winter uniform starting from 14th December, 2015 (Monday). Please prepare it in advance. If it is cool, students may put on a cardigan or a blazer. If the temperature falls to 12°C or below, or the Hong Kong Observatoryissues a cold weather warning signal, students may wear thick overcoats (the colour being plain black or deep blue). Thank you for your cooperation.


本校將於二零一五年十二月十四日(星期一)全面更換冬季校服。當天氣逐漸轉涼,如有需要, 貴子弟可穿著冷衫或校褸上課。若天氣預測市區氣溫在十二度或以下, 或天文台發出寒冷天氣警告, 學生可穿著以純黑色或深藍色的厚外褸。