Social Service Award Scheme (SSAS) 2016-17

This scheme aims to encourage students to participate in social services to serve and love others.

Award Description Awardee
Level 7 over 150 service hours 6C Wong Wing Sze (黃詠斯), 5A Wong Wing Yan (黃詠欣) 5C Fok Hiu Ching (霍曉澄), 5D Lau Hung Ying (劉紅櫻), 3A Huen Cho Ki (禤楚琪)
Level 6 (Purple Award) over 110 service hours 6D Lai Ka Yi (黎嘉怡), 5C Yip Yee Ching Cherry (葉綺晴)
Level 5 (Gold Award) over 80 service hours 5C Chan Yeung Chun (陳暘竣), 5C HUI KA MAN (許嘉敏), 5C Tam Sze Man (譚詩汶), 5C Yip Wai Ying (葉蔚瑩), 5C Yun Hiu Mei (甄曉媚), 3E Wong Wing Yee (王穎儀)
Level 4 (Silver Award) over 50 service hours 5B Kam Lai Yee (甘麗儀), 5C Li Wai Ki (李煒琪), 5C Shum Hiu Ching (沈曉晴), 2D Ng Yan Yu (吳恩瑜)
Level 3 over 35 service hours 5C Lee Hei Tung (李晞彤), 5C Chan Wing Lam (陳穎琳), 5D Cheung Ho Ching Sally (張可澄), 3A Sung Wai Man (宋慧敏), 3E Yip Yuet Yi (葉雪兒), 2A Chen Tak Yin (陳德妍), 2A So Yee Lam (蘇依琳), 2C Pong Tsz Wai (龐子蔚), 2D Ho Kwan Yu Anne (何鈞瑜)
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