Visual Arts Department Awards

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Wan KM

(1) 5B Chik Po Yee and 5C Chan Hiu Laam obtained Merits for the MTR Environmentally Friendly Banner Competition.

(2) Our students participated in the Contest of “CCAE” National Children’s Fine Arts, Calligraphy & Photography Works (全國少年兒童美術書畫攝影大賽) and received the following awards: 

Champion – 6B Cho Sum Yuet Shera and 6D Lo Pui Ki 

1st runner up – 5B Wong Hiu Lam, 5C Chan Hiu Laam, 5D Liu Ying Kit and 4B Wu Hiu Kai 

2nd runner up – 5B Chik Po Yee, 5B Ngan Chin Hei, 5B Ng Wai Kit Kenny and S4 Tong Sze