Heep Woh, our name, we gladly sing until the rafters ring
With pride and grace we bear this name, with pride and grace we bear this name
To add unto its fame, to add unto its fame

In old canton Heep Woh began, by serving God and man
And from its teaching of virtue, and from its teaching of virtue
came people trained and true, came people trained and true

Our aim to learn and then to serve, with joyfulness and verve
So, help us God through Thy great strength, so help us God through thy great strength
To do this every hour, to do this every hour 

United thus in name are we, and through our pledge to be
United too in heart and mind, and long may live our heart and mind
For service to mankind, for service to mankind 

So long may live the name Heep Woh, For ever and ever more
And long may live our unity, united, too, in unity
In love and service free, in love and service free


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