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Mrs. Bigelow, from the United States, founded the school in Xiguan, Guangzhou, dedicating to early childhood education
The private Heep Woh Girls' Normal School was established. The motto was 'When you know the truth, the truth will set you free'.
Principal LIU Fung Ling became the first Chinese Principal of Heep Woh.
The private Heep Woh Girls' Normal School was renamed the private Heep Woh Girls' Secondary School
The Second Sino-Japanese War broke out. The school moved to Macau the following year.
The school returned to Guangzhou after the war.
Principal LIU Fung Ling and Mrs. Schafer rented No.22, Kent Road, Kowloon Tong for the Hong Kong Heep Woh School (Kindergarten and primary school). The school was officially opened the following year.
With the donation from the Presbyterian Church in the United States, the premises in Sai Yeung Choi Street was purchased. In the same year, the school succeeded in obtaining its premises in Prince Edward Road.
The primary school switched to being government-subsidized. The plot in Tsz Wan Shan was obtained the same year, and Heep Woh College was built.
Heep Woh College was established with its temporary campus at Heep Woh Primary school in Prince Edward Road. There were six classes in both S1 and S2. Reverend Bunton was the first Supervisor. Mrs. YAU HO Yan Tak, Katherine was the first Principal.
On 9th January, Mr. McGregor, Assistant Director of Education laid the Foundation Stone of the school; on 31st October, the school was opened by the Hon. J. Canning, J.P., Director of Education.
Reverend WONG, Peter took after as the second Supervisor.
The number of classes increased to twenty-two.
The Students' Association was established.
The number of classes increased to thirty-one
Reverend LEE Ching Chee became the third Supervisor.

Mrs. KWOK LEUNG Kun Shing became the second Principal.
Reverend KWOK Nai Wang became the fourth Supervisor.
Celebration of 75th Anniversary
Reverend YUNG Kok Kwong became the fifth Supervisor.
Celebration of 80th Anniversary

Mr. SOO Yee Yau, Hudson became the third Principal.

All classrooms were air-conditioned.

Reverend NG Chun Chi became the sixth Supervisor.

The Alumni Association was re-organized.

The Parents-Teachers' Association was established.
Ms. LAM Yee Wah, Evelyn became the fourth Principal.

The school-based counseling approach was put into pratice.
Reverend WU Ping Kit became the seventh Supervisior.

School administration was computerized, and the school administration and management system was found.

CCC teachers' appraisal system was implemented.

The school hall was fitted with air-conditioning through fund-raising.
Celebration of 85th Anniversary

The theme 'Whole-person development: develop full potential ability, maintain moral integrity and nurture good habits' was adopted.

The school website was created.

Reverend LUK Fai became the eighth Supervisor.

The library was computerized.

Sponsored by The Chatteris Education Foundation, two native English-speaking Teaching Assistants - ELTAs were hired to strengthen the teaching of spoken English. The programme was implemented for four consecutive academic years.
The School Management Committee was formed with members including the Supervisor, the school managers, the Principal and the Vice-principals, representatives from the teaching staff, a representative from the Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China, representatives from parents and alumni.

Activities sponsored by the Hong Kong Quality Education Fund:
(1) Chinese Orchestra Group 1998-99
(2) Drama Education


In accordance with the language policy standards set by the Education and Manpower Bureau, the school continued using English as a medium of instruction.

The English-Across-the-Curriculum Coordinating Committee was established to strengthen the policy of adopting English as a medium of instruction and implement S1 summer bridging programme.

Sponsored by the Hong Kong Quality Education Fund, the programme 'The use of Information Technology in Drama Education' was implemented. The programme included puppet-making classes, drama classes, and IT classes.
Dr. CHEUNG WONG Wan Yiu, J.P. M.B.E. became the ninth Supervisor.

The School Administration Committee was restructured with elected teacher representatives.

Activities sponsored by Hong Kong Quality Education Fund:
(1) Teaching with IT in lower secondary Mathematics classes.
(2) Teacher-student interactive language teaching laboratory to improve students' ability in languages.
(3) 21st century chemistry laboratory, making use of computers and data collection equipment to perform chemistry experiments.
(4) IT co-ordinator scheme.
(5) Design and Technology Computer Aided Learning Centre and Joint School Project Design.

The Hong Kong Adventure Corps was established for S1 students to boost their confidence and sharpen their adaptation skills. The programme was part of our S1 formal curriculum for four consecutive academic years.

Participation in the Outstanding Arts Education Award Scheme organized by the Arts Development Council and the school was awarded Outstanding Arts Education Award (Secondary Section).
Celebration of 90th Anniversary

Theme of the year: Passion for Life, Passion for Learning.

Establishment of Heep Woh Church in the school.

Implementation of common lesson planning, peer lesson observation and class visits to enhance learning and teaching.

School Improvement Project (SIP) started with our alumnus Dr. WONG Kwok Chun as the Honourable Consultant.
Establishment of School-based Quality Assurance Management Team to enhance school efficiency.

After EMB focus inspection on the school English Department, a School-based Focus Inspection Team was established to improve subject-based management, learning and teaching.

Participation in the Hong Kong Healthy Schools Award Scheme organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Art education was implemented so that learning was extended beyond the classroom. The Wizard of Oz programme, a project of the Arts in Education Scheme sponsored by the Arts Development Council, was completed with the staging of a musical.

Dr. WONG Sing Wing, Dennis became the tenth Supervisor.

Reading Session was included in the timetable to cultivate students' interest in reading.

Promotion of whole-person development through our participation in Life Education - a harmonious school Programme organized by the City University of Hong Kong and health programme conducted by the Student Health Service, Department of Health.
Visit by Chief Executive The Hon. Mr. Tung Chee Hwa on 25th February. Mr. Tung visited S1 Design and Technology class and had a talk with the student leaders.

Junior-form curriculum integration and adaptation began with Civic Education.
Bazaar on 22nd January to raise funds for extra school facilities under SIP.

EMB External School Review on 9th, 16th-21st March.

First school-based Speech Day was held on 2nd July with Prof. CHENG Yin Cheung as our Guest of Honour.

Participation in Safe School Project organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Theme of the year: 'Flourish in Harmony; Stretch for Excellence'.

Weekly-based timetable was used instead of 6-day-cycle timetable.

Dr. WONG Kai Shung assisted in implementing curriculum mapping in S1:
(1) Life Education (integration of Civic Education, Information Technology, Home Economics and Design & Technology)
(2) Integrated Humanities (integration of History and Geography).

Celebration of 95th Anniversary

The New Annex Dedication was officiated by Ms. TANG Chung Man, Victoria, J.P., District Office, Wong Tai Sin District Office, Home Affairs Department and Rev. SO Shing Yit, Eric.

Prof. TSUI Lap Chee as Guest of Honour of Speech Day which was held on 3rd June.


Theme of the year: 'Strive for Excellence; Broaden our Horizons'.

Prof. HO Yan Ki as our Guest of Honour on Speech Day which was held on 30th May.

Implementation of the Mentorship Programme 2007 jointly organized with the NWS Holdings Ltd.

Inauguration of CCCHWC Campus TV and CCHWC Student Honor List on 15th November.


Mrs. FAN Hsu Lai Tai as Guest of Honour of Speech Day which was held on 31st May.

Participation in Quality Assessment Management Accreditation Scheme organized by Hong Kong Examination and Assessment Authority.

Participation by English Department in the research 'Assessment for Learning in Writing' for S1 students organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Institutional of Educational Research of the Chinese University of Hong Kong assisted the school in formulating a three-year school development plan.

Prof. CHU Ching Wu, Paul as Guest of Honour on Speech Day which was held on 30th May.

Prof. CHAN Ying Shing became the eleventh Supervisor.


Mr. CHU Kai Wing became the fifth Principal.

Implementation of New Senior Secondary (NSS) Curriculum and the adoption of new timetable