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Alpha 阿爾法

Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, which means the brightest star in a constellation. To us, Heep Woh students are the brightest stars in our service. Alpha also symbolizes a leader of a group. We hope we can be the leaders and representatives of our students in order to serve and inspire our students with all our best.



Chairperson 謝文熙 (5A)
Vice-house Captain 李雅雯 (5C)
Secretary 方俊源 (4C)
Financial Secretary 甄浩研 (5B)
Academic Secretary 周雯瑛 (5D), 鍾俊星 (4D)
Recreation Secretary 賴在睿 (5B), 鄺俊熹 (5D)
Sports secretary 劉永濤(4D)
Welfare secretary 謝焯榮(5C)
Arts secretary 黃嘉穎(5C)
General Affairs secretary 曹靖雅(5A)

We are Alpha

We are One


Year Plan

1st Activity: Graduates’ Volleyball Match

「Grad Ball 送你一對翼」

The Graduates’ Volleyball Match has always been a traditional activity for the form six students held by the Student Association. Volleyball is a form of aerobic exercise. As form six students are preparing for the HKDSE examination, this let them relieve stress, as well as build team spirit among students throughout their practice sessions. This activity also boosts their morale while creating an unforgettable experience in their secondary school life.


2nd Activity: Academic Task Game


This is an activity that allows participants to test their academic knowledge and problem solving skills, moreover, it provides a chance for friends and schoolmates to have a leisure time together at the beginning of the school year. Throughout the task game, participants will face different academic challenges in order to find out a final password to win prizes. This activity will surely enhance students’ in academic knowledge. 


3rd Activity: Singing Contest

「Sing Con 大道」

Singing contest, one of Heep Woh’s traditional activity, including wonderful voices from all around the campus, provides a suitable platform and stage for our students to show their singing talents in front of their schoolmates. Classes can also join this magnificent event and create unforgettable memories with their classmates and friends. 


4th Activity: Campus Task Game

「脅 • 和」

In order to strengthen the cohesiveness among students, develop their team spirit, and discover their potential abilities like problem solving skills, a task game called “脅 • 和” will be held. Through different missions in the game, students will be able to build up their self-esteem and courage. Participants will have to coorperate in order to complete the game.  


5th Activity: Teachers’ week


In order to let students to show their respect and sincere gratitude to teachers, teacher’s week will be held in March. During the teacher’s week, students can join the activities and will have the chance to become closer with the teachers. This activity encourages students to communicate with teachers and achieve mutual understanding.



- Stationery selling
- Recreational and sport kit lending service
- White socks and grey socks, hairpin and hair band selling
- Microwave oven service
- Umbrella lending service
- Hairdryer lending service
- Hot water supply
- Copying service
- Stationery selling service available in the morning
- Card games lending service
- Muji stationery group buying
- Receiver (for listening exam) selling
- Battery selling
- Pad lock selling
- Lozenges (喉糖) selling
- Lip balm selling
- Wipes (濕紙巾) selling
- Multiple choice pencil refills selling
- Providing takeaway menus of different restaurants
- Information (Including weather, date, day, temperature) board will be added outside the SA room.
- Class timetables
- Regularly changing basketball net