Polaris 北極星


Polaris is the planet closest to the north celestial pole. From time immemorial, it has been shining in the darkness to give direction to the lost travelers. We aim to guide Heep Woh students as Polaris and create a more harmonious school life. The name ‘Polaris’ also shows our expectations for students. We hope that every students can shine brightly and guide each other the right track.


Chairperson 5C Leung Tsz Chung
Vice-chairperson 5D Chan Tsz Ching
Secretary 4C Wong Sau Man
Financial Secretary 5D Chan Hoi Ngai
Academic Secretary 4E Hui Chi Hin
Recreation Secretary 5A Yuen Chun Fung
Sports secretary 5E Shek Yan Tung
Welfare secretary 5D Cheng Hiu Ching
Arts secretary 4D Chong Wing Yan
  5C Lee Wai Yan
General Affairs secretary 4D Put Tsz Ching


Year Plan

1st Activity: Graduates’ Volleyball Match

星球大戰: 畢業班之崛起


As form six students are under heavy academic pressure to cope with HKDSE examination, in order to let the students ease the tension in the busy school, a graduates’ volleyball match will be held. We believe that this activity can boost students’ morale between one another as well as relieving their stress. Also, throughout the practice sessions, students can build up team spirit and create an unforgettable experience in their secondary school life together. 


2nd Activity: Task Game

星之傳說:Gate Open 界放


In order to relieve students' heavy academic pressure, develop team spirits, and build up their problem solving skills, a task game called “星之傳說:Gate Open 界放” will be held. Throughout this activity, students are required to complete challenging tasks with their friends, and will be able to enhance their friendship as well as to create a wonderful experience together.


3rd Activity: Singing Contest



Singing contest is a traditional and indispensable event in Heep Woh for many years. Through this activity, students can show off their great talents in front of all schoolmates by performing wonderful performances on the stage. Also, getting support from the audience can enhance students' confidence and help them to break through themselves. It can not only encourage the participants, but also create unforgettable memories for the students on stage.


4th Activity: Academic Task Game



This is an activity that allows participants to test and acquire different knowledge through completing tasks in a fun way. Also, as the participants may face a lot of challenging problems, they can cooperate with each other to solve problems and break through challenges together.


5th Activity: Joint-School Oral Practice


HKDSE is very important for the form six students, in order to let them practice more in both Chinese and English speaking paper, an oral practice will be co-organize with other schools to provide a valuable practical experience to form six students. This activity can provide a platform for students to learn from each other and exchange ideas, so as to prepare for HKDSE and strike for the best. 


6th Activity: Teachers’ week



In order to let students to show their respect and gratitude to teachers, teacher’s week will be held in March. Throughout the whole week, a variety of activities will be held for students and teachers to join so as to improve their relationships with each other and create a harmonious atmosphere in the campus.